Acchitto is wearable art that has undergone particular research, handmade, in its luxurious jewels and savoir-faire.
Acchitto makes the jewel personalized and universal.

The experience of the designers Elena Faccio and Francesca Richiardi encouraged them to look for ways to create innovative fashion accessories and personalised jewellery. The fashion house Acchitto considered it fundamental to supply the possibility to characterize fashion accessories in a unique way and at one’s own discretion.
For combining this versatility with the elegance of  the hand-made finish, the two designers have designed the special patented mechanism Acchitto.

Each particular piece of this brands jewellery  not only is recognisable at the first glance, but also has a technology that guarantees perfect customisation.
All of  the essential elements used  to custom these jewellery pieces were designed not only to be eye catching but also to last in time.
The jewellery is versatile, this is a conscious choice therefore in full respect of the freedom intended by the brand as an unequivocal value.

The brand’s personalized jewellery have been designed to be interchangeable.
By breaking down and diversifying its combining parts, the Acchitto custom jewellery  can be changed  to make it a totally different piece of art . The given characterizations mean that the Acchitto  bracelet with a personalized name or the particular rings are capable of being regenerated with a simple and fast operation.  

In an instant  it is possible to wear the personalized bracelet of the brand with representative meanings or furthermore they meet the inspiration of the moment.
The unique manageability of the Acchitto brand jewelry  adds value to the designs, defining them as real wearable art.
Innovation with a  taste of classic inspiration transfers into one word: Acchitto.