Ring Mechanism



“The legend tells of a beautiful girl struck by the promise of love received by a young Moor, but soon discovered that his beloved had to return to the East where his wife and children were waiting for him. In the middle of the night, feeling betrayed and humiliated, the girl killed her Moor while he was sleeping and she decided that the face of that young man should remain at his side forever.She cut off his head and created a vase with it and placed inside a basil bud, so he pursued continuing to take care of his beloved”.

The iconic Moors are the undisputed protagonists of the collection, faces that belong to different subjects: Men, Women and Hybrids that tell the different aspects of their personality, from fortune to vanity, from courage to love. Deriving from the images of the Sicilian and Venetian Moors and revisiting them, Acchitto makes them synonymous with their name. The Fortunate, The Courageous and The lovercomplete the series of characters that are made interchangeable by the patented mechanism of Acchitto fashion house. The personalization lies in choosing one’s own Moor character to match one of the Mechanism Base Rings: Miro, Multiformis and Obiter. The bases of these personalized rings are the foundations that allow you to exchange the Moors characters freely, creating a personal collection.

The iconic Acchitto mechanism rings have a strong universal meaning and are not aimed at any gender or preferred age, also for this reason the brands personalised  rings do not intend to bind to any pre-established form from the limits of classic jewellery.

From design to production, Acchitto’s jewellery  contain a technology and in-depth study of materials that ensures undisputed recognition and elegance. Handmade, precious materials, combined with the desire to create real wearable art.

Acchitto’s ring mechanism consists of an interlocking device that allows one to integrate the chosen Moor to the ring base. It is the Different Moor icons who make the Ring mechanism totally different, it can be changed quickly and with ease. The Specific purpose of this mechanism devised by the brand is also to keep the base intact over time, so as to hinder the signs arising from daily wear.

Woman, Man, Hybrid, Lucky, Brave and Lover … these are the faces that tell the story , infinite character shades and the historical inspiration that distinguish  the characters of the Moors collection .
The Moors are available in the gold version, which transmits opulence in its wholeness, or in the variation which is embellished with enamels. The golden faces of the Moors are combined with the Ring Base Mechanism, available in the versions : Miro, Multiformis and ObiterThe Arched Mechanism Rings are the perfect combination of personalization and identity.