Wear Acchitto, doing things and go to a place to be attractive.


The Italian designers Francesca Richiardi and Elena Faccio launched their jewellery line, ACCHITTO in March 2018 , united by the desire to create a product that leaves a statement
recognizable and sought after, combining their different and completely personal philosophies of art, which break down the traditional jewellery barriers in search of something new that transforms the fashion accessory: a custom product, a wearable piece of art.

It is a collection of outstanding pieces that combine different cultures and eras:a historical inspiration that looks to the future.
Acchitto loves the concept of opulence and through tradition makes something antiquated contemporary.

Acchitto is an Italian brand that is positioned at the top of the trend, the jewellery is personal and tailor-made. Acchitto also presents technology, innovation, and experimental study for the creation of a patented mechanism, which allows interchange ability between the exemplary Moors collection, giving life to items of jewellery always personalized, unique and collectible. The mechanism allows the jewellery to adapt to the style of each person and mold onto the wearer. The word Moor came from the Italian tradition of the Sicilian Moors, their history is a legend about Love between a young Moor and a young Sicialian girl. The faces represents different personalities: The Lover, The Brave, the Hybrid, the Lucky… and they are decorated with symbols from different countries:  Italy, Asia, Africa.

The Acchitto’s aim is to evaluate every ethnicity, every life, every gender or genderless without making differences.

 Acchitto is a product of artisanal cast that is linked to the savoir faire and quality of Made in Italy.



The iconic Moors are the undisputed protagonists of the collection, faces that belong to different subjects:
Men, Women and Hybrids that tell the different aspects of their personality, from fortune to vanity, from courage to love.

Deriving  from the images of the Sicilian and Venetian Moors and revisiting them,  Acchitto makes them synonymous with their name. The  Fortunate, The Courageous and The lover complete the series of characters that are made interchangeable by the patented mechanism of Acchitto fashion house. The personalization lies in choosing one’s own Moor character to match one of the Mechanism Base Rings: Miro, Multiformis and Obiter. The bases of these personalized rings are the foundations that allow you to exchange the Moors characters freely, creating a personal collection.