The elegance of gold, the opulence of colours, the intimacy of the Acchitto living room reflect the ideals of the fashion house.
The dreamlike lines and the personalization of the jewellery line created by the brand tell a style of intimate tendency that speaks of an inspirational and desirable acknowledgement of the epochal Moors protagonists of the collection.

The historical inspiration in Acchitto’s personalised jewels is present, although it is also evident observing the particular jewels of the brand  that there is a clear detachment that transmits the need to break down the barriers of traditional jewellery  to direct one’s vision to future.
You cannot achieve the purest freedom without breaking the chains that hold you to the past.

The Moors are the characters created by the fashion house and represent the enlightening research that leads to an immediate message: every individual has something to say beyond his or her gender.

Elements of different cultures are combined together in a historical inspiration that looks to the future. The particular rings created by the brand hide messages that you can choose to be sole custodian or that thanks to a patented mechanism can change depending on one’s own wish. The customization and opulence of gold create a particular and elegant jewel that leaves a statement.

This is an accessory that gives a marginal object used only to decorate to  become a real one characterization of the individual who, even before using jewels, expresses himself through a aesthetic impact that affects the first glance aka Acchitto.