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Aperio Greatefull is a part of a collection of personalized Hand Made rings that open it hides inside the Acchitto neologism: GREATEFULL.

The bond that unites the words GREAT and FULL, Big and Full, instinctively reports to the adjective GRATEFUL.

Acchitto has recreated these three meanings in a new and distant form away from conventions.

GREATEFULL is a neologism that shows that even language cannot be a barrier impassable because they are the meanings that these three adjectives represent to enrich with significance the particular Aperio Greatefull ring.

The completeness of GREAT and FULL merges with the adjective GRATEFULL telling this emotion in all its fullness.

Aperio Greatefull expresses the feeling of gratitude that fills everything with content because being GREATEFULL means to feel grateful in an absolute sense.

The opulence of gold in this Aperio ring hides the intimate message GREATFULL that, thanks to the Swarovski Emerald, it can be opened or closed at will. The green enamel band which is the background to the Acchitto neologism, refers to the colour of the crystal creating a continuity of style.

Once closed, the patented Aperio Greatefull ring shows itself in the shine of gold and in its knurled motif, iconic of the brand.

The vertical lines that run through the surface of this particular item of jewellery show an impactful and trendy design, completed by a Swarovski emerald green gem that is functional for the opening of the jewel and that recalls the logo of the brand, a precious detail that denotes the refinement of Acchitto’s creations.


XS, S, M, L

Product Details

  • 18 k gold plated brass
  • Patented Mechanism by Acchitto
  • Swarosvky crystal
  • Colored enamel
  • Made in Italy
  • Acchitto guarantees, internally and in its supply chain, the respect of the standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility in line with its sustainability strategy.

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