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Aperio Coeurage is the Hand Made Acchitto Ring that revisits wearing of the classic belt and tells one of the most difficult dispositions of mind to reach: courage, without ever excluding the heart.

The Acchitto aphorism communicates precisely this and does so with an intimate, hidden message in the opening ring. The Acchitto neologism COEURAGE, stands out in gold  within the band of blue enamel on this particular ring it is formed by the fusion of COEUR meaning  Heart, and AGE.

The word AGE refers to time and the age that follows one another: eternity.

In merging the words COEUR and AGE it gives life to a fusion that expresses COURAGE.

COEURAGE is a solemn promise: to have courage in one’s entire existence.

Always have courage and fight any battle with your heart, without ever letting yourself be broken down from the difficulties.

A particular and decisive ring that in the opulence of gold preserves the uniqueness of oneself.

Aperio Coeurage has the shape of a belt whose buckle is knurled. The knurls, iconic motif of Acchitto, give movement to this patented ring and are accompanied by crystals that

resemble the holes in a belt.

The opulence of gold envelops the Aperio Coeurage ring with elegance and the Swarovski gems follow the design of the Acchitto belt, dressing it with realism.

Product Details

  • 18 k gold plated brass
  • Patented Mechanism by Acchitto
  • Swarosvky crystal
  • Colored enamel
  • Made in Italy
  • Acchitto guarantees, internally and in its supply chain, the respect of the standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility in line with its sustainability strategy.

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