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From the line of the iconic Cor Acchitto ring comes the Andromeda ring, featuring the novelty of the Star-cut Swarovski.

The poetry inherent in this particular ring instinctively shows its passionate essence, expressed by a Swarovski. The aquamarine crystal, whose cut is in the shape of a star, is set in gold, which, with its opulence, further enhances both its shape and size.

The knurled motif of the Andromeda ring is reminiscent of the brand, making it instantly recognizable, and creates a perception of movement that amplifies its pleasing color gradient.
The gold brings out the heart-shaped cut of the gemstone that emerges clearly from the wraparound design of this particular ring. Cor owes its inspiration to the Sentimental jewelry of the Victorian era, from which it draws its refined and poetic elegance.

The star, symbolizes light, hope, energy, freedom, faith, eternity and the pursuit of life.

The wrap-around appearance of the Andromeda personalized ring denotes at first glance the refined style of Acchitto creations and highlights another among the brand’s special features: attention to detail, very thickly hidden.

A small romantic star-cut stone is hidden in the back compared to the wearing of this particular ring. The hidden gem, precisely because of this particularity, becomes even more precious: it can be seen only by the wearer.
Andromeda represents a unique but, above all, intimate style.

Made in Italy.
18 k gold plated brass
Swarovski crystals


XS, S, M

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