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The Fortunate Red Moor is enchanting and mysterious, the face of the dark stands out with the red of the peppers that run through the cheeks of the luckiest among the brands personalized jewellery items, embellishing them with the Crystal cream Pearl.

The cream-coloured pearls and the opulence of gold stand out among the vivid colours of the fortunate red making a superstitious symbolism of savoir-faire.

The personalized Miro Viola ring base leads to the identification of the Lucky Red, with the symbolism of purple enamel, and reinforced by the metaphor of well-wishing with a hidden Green crystal, in this particular jewellery piece.

Miro Blu and its unmistakable colour finish is combined with Lucky Red and its ruby coloured Swarovski gem ​​matches the character created by Acchitto, enriching it with an energetic and rebellious note.

This lucky Moor, with all its emblematic characteristics, is to be defined with even more strength from the strong colour of black Multiformis that, with its square lines and vital energy infused by the red crystal makes it stand out.

The Amethyst Swarovski of the particular Multiformis Rosso ring base in union with the Lucky Red finds a boost to it identification that is completed in the vermilion enamel creating the personalized Acchitto jewellery item.

The Lucky Red and its bright colour blends with the gold of the particular ring base Obiter that in the knurled texture finds the perception and opulence of gold.
Fortunato rosso aka: Lucky Red is a mysterious and well-wishing character that becomes an elegant talisman against bad luck.

Product details

  • 18 k gold plated brass
  • Colored enamel
  • Patented Mechanism by Acchitto
  • Swarosvky crystal
  • Swarosvky crystal cream pearl
  • Made in Italy
  • Acchitto garantisce, al proprio interno e nella propria filiera, il rispetto degli standard di Responsabilità Sociale e Ambientale in coerenza con la sua strategia di sostenibilità.

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