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Multiformis is only available in size M.

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Love is brought to completion by this particular piece of jewellery that, in union with the base personalized ring, is defined in its last form.

This Moro with delicate features contains the universal feeling of unconditional love
that, in union with the particular base ring Miro viola finds its determination and its complementary meaning given by the green Swarovski gem that is hidden in within this piece of art.

The personalized jewel made up of Miro Blu and this romantic Moor demonstrates in its glazed note of the base a clear chromatic connotation that gives the character the feeling of balance.

Together with Black Multiformis, the lover is transformed into an item of jewellery with a delicate touch of which decided for its fusion of sharp curved lines.

The personalized piece of jewellery made with the base of red Multiformis is an architectural inspiration with this romantic character it takes on the colour red both from the ring base And the Swarovski gemstone, This Moor has been created poetically by Acchitto.

The lover meets the particular ring base Obiter where the gold and the colour of passion are merge into a magical personalized item of jewellery.
The opulence of gold and the red of the heart-cut crystals are the unique elements that harmonize the figure of the lover who, only between dream and reality, can aspire to find its true dimension.

Product details

  • 18 k gold plated brass
  • Patented Mechanism by Acchitto
  • Swarosvky crystal
  • Swarosvky crystal cream pearl
  • Made in Italy
  • Acchitto guarantees, internally and in its supply chain, the respect of the standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility in line with its sustainability strategy.

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