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Multiformis is only available in size M.

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The opulence of gold, worked in high and low levels, make explicit all the precious features that this personalized ring communicates, at first glance.
This character that embodies the purest idealism finds the certainty of the action in the base ring Miro Viola. When united with Miro Viola this item of jewellery finds identification e luck.

The specific piece of jewellery composed by uniting the fearless Moor with the personalized Miro Blu ring base is unique.

The Courageous, finds vital energy from the red crystal that inspires it, this gem is hidden by the brand making it special.

The powerful structure of Black Multiformis embraces The Courage by transferring bravery to it a strong connotation.

Multiformis red binds to this face characterizing the jewellery piece personalized with its peculiar enamel, emblem of rebellion against conventions.

The personalized item of jewellery made up of the Courageous and the particular ring base Obiter highlights the opulence of gold in all its purity and distinctiveness.

Acchitto’s inspiration in creating the Courageous Moor focused on the tradition of
Ancient Greece, which saw in the sentiment represented by this Moor, the most important of the human virtues, but its contemporary design makes it a personalized, evocative item of jewellery and one of a kind.

Product details

  • 18 k gold plated brass
  • Patented Mechanism by Acchitto
  • Swarosvky crystal
  • Swarosvky crystal cream pearl
  • Made in Italy
  • Acchitto guarantees, internally and in its supply chain, the respect of the standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility in line with its sustainability strategy.

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