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Aperio COEURAGE earrings are defined by the elegant and iconic Acchitto knurled motif on the buckle, which takes inspiration from the jewels of the Victorian era and enriched with Swarovski crystal, a detail that denotes the refinement of Acchitto’s creations, and tells one of the dispositions of soul more difficult to reach: courage, without ever excluding the heart. The Acchitto aphorism communicates precisely this and does so with an intimate message, hidden in the openable ring. The neologism COEURAGE, which stands out golden in the blue enamel band placed in this particular ring, is formed by the fusion of COEUR, Heart, and AGE, Age. The word AGE takes us back to time and the eras that have followed one another in this: eternity. In merging the words COEUR and AGE they create a fusion that expresses COURAGE, Courage. COEURAGE is a solemn promise: to have courage in one’s entire existence.

Always have courage and fight any battle with the heart, without ever letting yourself be beaten down by difficulties. The opulence of gold envelops Aperio Coeurage earrings with elegance and the Swarovski crystals follow the design of the Acchitto belt, dressing it with realism. It can be beautifully combined with the Aperio Coeurage ring. Made in Italy 18 k gold plated brass Swarovski crystals

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